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New video game releases

PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch video game releases

New video game releases for PS4, Switch, and Xbox One

We publish weekly updates on the latest Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One video game releases, so no matter which console you own, you can keep up to date with the newest games.

(We don’t do PC game releases because there were tens of thousands of releases across Steam,, Humble, Epic, and all the other stores in the last year. If we did one of these lists for PC game releases, we’d never do anything else.)

The Thumbsticks team also recommends the best titles from each platform’s release lineup. Sometimes that’s easier said than done – there isn’t always something noteworthy or inherently recommendable – but we do our best, for you, dear readers.

New Nintendo Switch games

New Nintendo Switch games are released each week via the Nintendo eShop. We post every Sunday with the latest release lineup for the week ahead. Every now and then, there’s a Nintendo DS game! That’s a nice surprise. We have a cake in the office when that happens.

New PlayStation 4 games

New PlayStation 4 – and occasionally PS Vita games, though they’re becoming less and less frequent – are generally released each Tuesday via the PlayStation Store. We’ll typically post our new release update on the preceding Saturday.

New Xbox One games

New Xbox One games arrive throughout the week via the Xbox One digital games store and the Microsoft online store. We’ll usually update Thumbsticks every Friday with the latest release lineup.

It’s also worth noting that video game release dates are often subject to last minute changes. Check back regularly to make sure you have access to the most up to date new release information

To see our new video game release updates in one place, bookmark this page. We also carry regular updates on the latest Xbox Games with Gold and PlayStation Plus free games.

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