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Prepare for armageddon with this Fallout hoodie (and other awesome Fallout 4 merch)

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Get kitted out for nuclear armageddon with a Fallout hoodie (and assorted other Fallout 4 apparel).

When you think of preparing for the apocalypse, your mind instantly goes to building a bunker. Those crazy folk – known colloquially as ‘preppers’ – who dig a giant hole in their back yard, then fill it with a composting toilet, bottled water, and fifty times their own bodyweight in canned goods.

Back in the real world, the worst apocalypse we’re likely to face is a virtual one, and the biggest and best of them all is the one Bethesda have given us in Fallout 4. You don’t need to wear a hazardous environment suit or a hulking great Power Armour unit to survive it, but there’s still some fun to be had in kitting yourself out appropriately in Vault-Tec apparel, like this lovely Vault 111-issue Fallout hoodie.

Vault 111 Fallout hoodie

Vault 111 Fallout hoodie

So the iconic Fallout jumpsuit is a very cool thing, and if you wear one you might earn the nickname ‘Blue’ from a certain newshound, but wearing a full jumpsuit in the real world is possibly a little excessive; nobody wants to see a grown adult going to the shops in what is essentially a onesie.

The alternative is to get yourself a Fallout hoodie, and this officially licensed Vault 111 edition is the one you’ll want. This beautiful blue number is 50% cotton, 50% polyester (and 100% Vault-Tec approved) and comes with some neat features:

  • Vault 111 detailing on the chest and back.
  • Yellow piping detail along the sides with matching yellow neck toggles.
  • Vault-Tec logo on the upper-left arm.
  • Miniature zipped pocket above the Vault-Tec logo.
  • Full zip-through middle, with snuggly hand pockets.

Pick up the Vault 111 Sole Survivor Fallout hoodie from Merchoid.

Vault 111 knitted Fallout sweater

Vault 111 Fallout sweater

Like the idea of the Fallout hoodie, but fancy something that looks a little more authentic? Team this 100% acrylic knitted Fallout sweater with a pair of blue jeans and at first glance you’ll look like you’re wearing a real Vault-Tec uniform, without the aforementioned onesie-in-public shame.

Buy the Vault 111 Fallout sweater from Merchoid.

Vault 111/Nuka Cola snapback hats


Vault 111 Fallout snapback hatNuka Cola Fallout snapback hat

We wouldn’t normally approve of snapback hats, as they’re traditionally the cake-topper upon the bonces of douchebags – and if you get one and don’t take the stickers off, you deserve to be kicked in the groin – but these two fine examples will go rather nicely with your Fallout hoodie; either in classic blue and yellow Vault-Tec style, or as an accent in Nuka Cola red.

Grab the Vault 111 or Nuka Cola Fallout snapback hats from Merchoid.

Vault 111 Fallout beanie

Vault 111 Fallout beanie

Prefer to own a hat with the utilitarian purpose of keeping your head warm, or not look like a douchebag in a snapback baseball cap? Then perhaps this snuggly Vault-Tec woolly beanie will be the permanent cold weather accompaniment to your Fallout hoodie… or any other cold weather apparel really, as this beanie looks great with most things.

Buy the Vault 111 Fallout beanie from Merchoid.

Vault 111 Fallout bags

Fallout Vault 111 rucksackFallout Vault Boy messenger bag

Struggling with carry weight in Fallout 4? Keep having to chase Dogmeat around to load him up with loot, so you can carry it all home? Then you need either of these great Vault-Tec Fallout bags, available in either Vault 111 backpack or Vault Boy messenger style, and guaranteed to add pounds onto your available carry weight (please note: these Fallout bags will not prevent you from becoming over-encumbered; either add pockets to your armour, take the Strong Back perk, or eat a radstag steak).

Pick up the Vault 111 backpack or Vault Boy messenger bag from Merchoid.

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