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Pokémon GO is something of a hit, it’s fair to say. People are roaming all over with their smartphones, trying to catch ’em all, and it’s probably causing people to be less aware of their surroundings than they really ought to be. Here’s 10 places you really shouldn’t play Pokémon GO, for reasons of safety, decency, and generally not being a jerk to those around you.

1. Funeral


You really shouldn’t play Pokémon GO at a funeral. It’s disrespectful. No, I don’t care that there’s Gastly in the area. Stop it.

Source: Ruben Holthuijsen, Flickr

2. Locker room

Lockerroom flake flooring - Graniflex - 2 years old

No, it’s not that sort of gym you’re after. People will think you’re taking photos of their junk. Or their business. Or both.

Source: Decorative Concrete Kingdom, Flickr

3. Playground


You’ll get yourself arrested, walking around here with a camera phone. The same goes for nurseries and schools.

Source: Marcelo deOliveira, Flickr.

4. Movie theatre

movie theatre

People don’t want you clambering all over their seats searching for Pokémon while the movie’s on. And the sound effects can be pretty obnoxious, too.

Source: Aranami, Flickr.

5. At the wheel of a car

Flipped car at 22nd and Hawthorne

Just don’t do this. You’re liable to get yourself killed, and anyone else that’s unfortunate enough to be in your way.

Source: Aaron Parecki, Flickr.

6. In control of any moving vehicle or heavy machinery, in fact

Camden Bus Crash

Like the car, but with greater potential for death and destruction, you really shouldn’t play Pokémon GO if it’s distracting you from anything more important.

Source: A Gumm, Flickr.

7. When you’ve got a dangerous job, like a zoo-keeper


That is a lion, not a cat-type Pokémon, and it looks hungry. A Pokéball isn’t going to stop it. Run.

Source: Mario Micklisch, Flickr.

8. At work at any job, really

You’ll probably get fired. Sure, it’s not as bad as being eaten by a lion, but you still shouldn’t play Pokémon GO at work.

Source: petrr, Flickr.

9. Crossing the street


You’ll get yourself killed, idiot. Is yet another Pidgey or Weedle really worth it?

Source: Alper Çuğun, Flickr.

10. In bad neighbourhoods


It’s easy to get engrossed when you’re trying to find a Pokémon, but in addition to crossing the street, make sure you keep an eye out for where you’re actually going. Walking into a bad neighbourhood or rough area literally waving an expensive smartphone around is not a smart plan.

Source: ridedalitnin, Flickr.

Pokémon GO is already available in several countries from both the iTunes and Google Play app stores, with more countries being unlocked almost daily. Have fun, folks, but keep your wits about you while you’re playing.


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