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Aaron Bayne

88 posts
The most passionate casual gamer about, Aaron is a filmmaking graduate, Premiere Pro aficionado, and film and gaming journalist hailing from the windy realms of Scotland. He loves to split his time between writing articles, hosting his film podcast, producing some top-notch video content and building up a backlog of games he’ll probably never complete.
Back 4 Blood review

Back 4 Blood Review

Back 4 Blood is a rip-roaring zombie killing time, but without the right zombie slayers by your side, it's an experience without much bite.
deathloop review

Deathloop Review

Arkane is back with another high-concept shooter. Is Deathloop the studio's next masterpiece, or are we playing the same game over and over again?
Aliens: Fireteam Elite Review

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Review

Aliens Fireteam Elite might seem like an IP cash grab, but this co-op shooter has a lot more tucked under the hood than you’d expect. 
Nintendo Switch OLED Model docked

Nintendo Switch OLED Model announced

It might not be the beefed-up Nintendo Switch Pro people were expecting, but the Nintendo Switch OLED Model does feature some modest enhancements.