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Faber Whitehouse

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Games. Games. Games! Gaming is perhaps the only thing that I dedicate more than an hour a day to, and that includes sleeping and eating! Whether it’s on-the-go on my Playstation Vita, or at home in the comfort of my room I pretty much always have a device capable of gaming in my hands.

The Death of the Demo

Back when gaming magazines ruled the games journalism space you would often receive a free gift with your purchase of a videogames publication. That free gift, more often than not, would be a demo disc.

Are game delays a good thing?

After a game receives a certain amount of hype, the expectations built up inside gamers and critics, grows and grows.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss Review

The Uncharted series has been used to push the boundaries, whether that's pushing the hardware to the limits, or bringing the summer blockbuster experience to the living room and into the hands of many a gamer.

My time with the Oculus Rift

In recent months a piece of hardware has caused a major stir in the industry, with people calling it, “The Future of Gaming” and “The Next big leap forward”.