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Nick Hampton

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Raised by badgers and feral until the age of 30, Nick is now an avid collector of pencil shavings and bird nests. He is also a Dr. of Videogames, has worked as an independent games designer and drags 25 years of game playing behind him.
Grand Theft Auto V - Trevor

Grand Theft Auto V: A very confused beast

GTA V: a record-breaking, best-selling, billion-dollar-making enfant terrible; a game that garnered universal adulation from the specialist press; and a behemoth set to step back into the ring with a soon-released, rezzed-up remastering.
Night Trap

The Big Video game Problem

Recently, the editor of Eurogamer, Tom Bramwell, posted a couple of opinion pieces primarily focused upon sexism in games.
Lara Croft Evolution

Is that Yucky Feeling Really Uncanny?

Question. Have you ever gazed into the emotionally-ravaged visage of your brave, world-saving videogame hero or ogled the rose-red lips and polygon hips of some sexy NPC and thought, with scene-breaking inappropriateness, how gross and weird that character looks?