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Nintendo of Canada and Hotel X Toronto team up to create a stunning Nintendo Switch-themed luxury hotel suite.

If there’s one room on Earth where Nintendo fans would be happy to self-isolate, this is it.

Nintendo’s Canadian division and Hotel X Toronto have transformed the hotel’s Presidential Suite into a super-cool Switch gaming space. The suite is furnished with iconic Nintendo characters and decorations, including Yoshi Egg chairs, Mario-themed artwork, and a life-sized Toad. It’s designed to be the perfect social space for Nintendo fans, and on that basis, it’s an unqualified success. It’s actually better than many E3 booths we’ve seen.

The suite also features over 50 games to play on a variety of Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite consoles. Let’s take a tour.

Hotel X Toronto Nintendo Switch Suite

Nintendo Switch Suite - Hotel X Toronto

The TV is transformed by with a huge Nintendo Switch facia. Make sure to put the Joy-Con strap around your waist before using.

Nintendo Switch Suite - Hotel X Toronto

Toad stands guard at the pool table. Please don’t peek under his “hat”.

Nintendo Switch Suite - Hotel X Toronto

This corner is perfect for competitive multiplayer games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Nintendo Switch Suite - Hotel X Toronto

Dear guests, please don’t steal the cushions.

Nintendo Switch Suite - Hotel X Toronto

These mini Goombas are not to be nibbled, just squeezed.

Nintendo Switch Suite - Hotel X Toronto

Luigi readies his death stare for naughty guests.

Nintendo Switch Suite - Hotel X Toronto
Don’t let this Goomba Tower put you off your shot.

Unfortunately, your chances of staying at the Nintendo Switch suite are zero. The room was fully booked, even before Ontario’s Coronavirus guidance was announced. Nonetheless, it’s a beautifully-designed space that’s also raising money for a good cause. All proceeds are going to the Starlight Children’s Foundation, which supports sick children across Canada.

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