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Progress to 100 is my new favourite iOS game

Progress to 100 is a simple looking iOS game but also one of the most delightful.



Progress to 100

Back in March I attended a pretty cool indie event called The Mix.

Held at IGN’s San Fransisco office the event brought together a collection of independent studios to demo their games. There were lots of interesting titles on show but my favourite was an unassuming iOS game called Progress to 100.

Eight months later and the game is now available via the App Store.


Here are some screenshots….

Looks pretty basic, doesn’t it?

However, despite its minimalist appearance Progress to 100 is one of the best iOS games I’ve played. The concept is simple; read the clue and work out what to do with your device to complete the challenge.

If you think you could solve the examples above, then you have a good idea of how the game works.

Progress to 100 delights on a number levels. Firstly, it excels in creating lots of little lightbulb moments. Each solution is obvious in hindsight but be prepared for lots of head scratching, finger tapping and arm waving while you figure things out.

As the game progresses the challenges become increasingly cunning and the clues ever more opaque. However, the blame for any struggles always sits firmly with your own powers of lateral thinking.

It’s also one of the few iOS games that’s fun to play with other people. Progress to 100 uses all aspects of your iOS device – from the touch screen to the volume control – in clever ways and it’s an amusing pleasure to watch others figure out each solution.

[youtube url=”” autoplay=”no”]

Some of the game’s 100 puzzles can be a little finicky to master – although playing on the larger screen of an iPad certainly helps – but these are small niggles in a game that is smart, frequently funny and highly recommended.


Progress to 100 is available now on the App Store.

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