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Thumbsticks brings you the best reviews and analysis of the most notable video game releases (and play terrible games so you don’t have to).

Man of Medan review

Man of Medan Review

As you might expect, Man of Medan is crammed with a cache of adventure and horror game clichés.
Remedy Control review

Control Review

Remedy has always been a studio that cares about the single-player experience. Does Control continue the studio's stellar reputation?
Beyond Two Souls PC review

Beyond: Two Souls Review

Beyond: Two Souls is the second of Quantic Dream’s former Sony exclusives to make its way to the Epic Games Store.
Effie review

Effie Review

Effie, Inverge Studios’ new 3D adventure game, initially sets out with a noble goal.
Forager review

Forager Review

Is Forager, the cute crafting game from Hop Frog and Humble, worth digging up?
tech corp review

Tech Corp Review

We're suckers for a good tycoon game, but this one might need a little big longer in the incubator.
Etherborn review

Etherborn Review

Playing with the laws of physics is something generally left to scientists, but every so often, game developers give it a go too.
A Short Hike - review

A Short Hike Review

Using video games for self-care is nothing new. How about a game about self-care, designed for self-care?
Summer Catchers review

Summer Catchers Review

The beautiful pixel-art graphics that greet you upon your first adventure into the cutesy world of Summer Catchers make you desperately want to love it.
Pathologic 2 review

Pathologic 2 Review

I can say with almost complete certainty that you’ve never played a game quite like Pathologic 2.
My Friend Pedro review

My Friend Pedro Review

Slick, surreal, and just a little silly – say hello to my little friend. (My Friend Pedro, that is.)
Gato Roboto review

Gato Roboto Review

There are, generally speaking, three things that irritate immensely about Metroidvania games. Does Gato Roboto fall foul of them?
Feather review

Feather review

Reading the synopsis for Samurai Punk’s Feather, you’d be forgiven for imagining this was a game in the same vein as Journey or Abzu.
Dead Pixels Meg wearing headset

Mixed Media: Dead Pixels Review

In our Mixed Media segment, we occasionally review things that aren't video games. Here's what we thought of E4's gaming comedy, Dead Pixels.