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ShapeRockets will launch on Steam on October 28, 2016. What’s it all about?

You’re familiar with paper, scissors, stone, right? Or rock, paper, scissors, for our American cousins. No, not the one that’s also got a lizard and Mr Spock – I know what you’re thinking, nerds – we’ll just keep it down to the three original variables, lest things become too complicated.

ShapeRockets, from Echohead Games, is what happens if you were to mix up that classic hand-based duel with the feel of a Tron battle (with a little bit of iTunes visualiser thrown in for good measure).


The premise is straightforward enough. You pick to play as one of three shapes – either a square, triangle or circle – and the shape you select determines who is the hunter, and who the hunted. Everyone only has one attack, a fairly basic rocket, and its effectiveness – and therefore your superiority over or weakness to a specific opponent – depends solely on who you’re coming up against. Here’s a quick breakdown of the ShapeRockets dynamic:

  • Circle beats Triangle;
  • Square beats Circle;
  • Triangle beats Square.

Seems simple enough, and really, that’s exactly what ShapeRockets is: simple. That’s what makes it a lovely little idea, filled with playful colour and oft-frenetic motion, that will be played exclusively online in multiplayer matches of 2-8 players.

ShapeRockets is like playing a 3D deathmatch in Flatland; what’s not to love about that idea?

ShapeRockets launches on the Steam store on October 28, 2016.

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