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We’ve been working hard over the past few weeks on redesigning and redeveloping Thumbsticks, and we’re just about ready to relaunch the site.

(If you want to know the full details behind that decision, go and read this post on why Thumbsticks is changing.)

The exciting thing is, we’re about to hit the button. Like, right now. In the next few minutes.

This is a fundamental change to the way Thumbsticks works. We’re going back to our original focus of features, essays, interviews, and criticism. Old articles that are no longer on-topic (like news and guides) are going to be archived off, and the long-form, magazine-style content is going to take centre-stage once more.

It’s also a major redesign for Thumbsticks, the website. We’re not just talking about tweaking the layout and changing the colour scheme – the site is going to look completely different on the other side of this change, to support the new magazine-style format. (And the new design is really, really cool.)

The cutover to the new site should be fairly instantaneous, but because it’s such a massive change, there might be some kinks to work out after launch. It’s a bit like changing all four tyres on a car without actually pulling over. Please be patient with us, and if you do notice anything weird, give us a shout and we’ll fix it.

Hopefully you’ll love it as much as we do.

See you on the other side!

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