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Miguel Penabella

15 posts
Miguel Penabella is a freelancer and comparative literature academic who worships at the temple of cinema but occasionally bears libations to videogames.

Second Shot: A Case for Wet

Is the largely forgotten Wet worth a second look? Miguel Penabella considers the game in relation to grindhouse films and the phenomenon of the "B-game".
The Order: 1886

Second Shot: A Case for The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886 never really stood a chance on its release earlier this year. Miguel examines whether it received a raw deal critically, and if it deserves a Second Shot.
No Wave

Enter the Void: The Grimy Playfulness of No Wave

Rumbling out of the dingy nightclubs and bars of a nocturnal New York City easing into the early 1980s, the no wave artistic scene offered a perversion of Debbie Harry and David Byrne, rebuking new wave music at large with a nihilistic criticism bordering on parody.