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David Cage has confirmed that Detroit: Become Human will be released on PlayStation 4 in May.

Quantic Dream’s latest game, Detroit: Become Human, will be released worldwide on May 25, 2018. The game – which is helmed by David Cage, director of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls – is a tech-noir thriller following the story of three androids who begin to believe they are sentient beings.

As with the studio’s other games, Detroit: Become Human‘s gameplay is heavily based on choice and consequence, and its story will progress regardless of the decisions the player makes.

Writing on the PlayStation blog, Cage says:

Detroit is by far the most ambitious title ever created by Quantic Dream; with this game, we wanted to push our limits by creating the most bending game we have ever made. Your actions have real and spectacular consequences: there are entire scenes that you can see or miss based on your actions, your closest allies may help you until the end or die just after you meet them, your destiny itself can be totally different depending on your choices. You must also be very careful with your three main characters, because any of them may die at any time.”

The release of Detroit: Become Human will surely herald a fun time for Sony’s public relations department. In January, reports in the French media levelled allegations of a toxic studio culture at Quantic Dream, accusing Cage and fellow director, Guillaume de Fondaumière, of inappropriate behaviour.

Quantic Dream have since rejected the accusations on multiple occasions, and recently released a statement saying that the studio had been the “subject of a veritable smear campaign.”

The allegations have certainly soured our anticipation for the game – in that we’ll likely not play it – so it will be interesting to see if the fallout affects its commercial performance.

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