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A little mod for Fallout New Vegas named Project Brazil swept the gaming world by storm when the first installment debuted in 2013. 

It created a brand new world for the player to explore, set fifty years before the events of New Vegas.

What made it so popular was the high level of quality that went into it, featuring professional voice acting, writing, and level design. By the time the first installment went out, it was already in development for three years, led by Brandon Lee of Radian-Helix Media.

But since the first installment, development has slowed down, and the tail end of 2014 saw most of the team depart the project. “We are currently down to just two coders, one of which is our venerable [lead programmer] RickerHK from the 1st instalment, and our other mate only drops by every few months or so,” Lee says in the latest update.

Fallout New Vegas Brazil

Part 2 was supposed to be even bigger than the first part. As a result, it was delayed until 2015, and the game cut down from 15 main quests to just 5. Lee promises this new direction will save on development time, and reduce stress on the team.

Lee has brought back his lead programmer, and added new team members GePalladium to work on the companion characters, creator of the Vanessa companion mod, and myself to help implement and rewrite dialog as well as some light programming.

Yes that’s right, yours truly is working with the big boys and girls now. I got a message from Brandon saying he enjoyed War Trash and was interested in having me join his new team. I felt overwhelmed, I’m a small timer in the modding scene, but I could hardly say no.

Fallout New Vegas Brazil

For anyone who has complaints or concerns about the smaller size, this is for the better. From its inception, development of Project Brazil has been an open process, as everything is documented for the public to see. We wouldn’t have known about it being 15 quests if he didn’t tell us. These kinds of cut backs are usual in any kind of storytelling. The process is “cutting the fat”, getting rid of the clutter and exposing the heart of the story, and what matters most.

The second installment of Project Brazil is set for release in 2015. You can check out the new flowchart of the story here, as development is an open forum.

Be warned however, there are spoilers of course.



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  1. love it! just got done poping it on. was waiting on a new rig but couldent wait anylomnger . if yall need a playtester im not bad. looking for a map right now because i cant find a store or enough health. have resorted to either getting frustrated and pushing foward untill i enevitably die or going quite some distance back to water.

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