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Gear.Club Unlimited Nintendo Switch release date brought forward

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Microïds and Eden Games have announced that Gear.Club Unlimited will be released on Nintendo Switch a little earlier than expected.

Gear.Club Unlimited will be now be available digitally from the Nintendo eShop – and at retail in a Gamestop exclusive boxed version – on November 21, 2017.

To mark the release date, a new trailer has been released that dives into the game’s range of customisation options. The fun begins with the Performance Shop, a garage that can be fully customised, from the location of its workshop, to vehicle layout and decor.

Within the garage there are wealth of options available to tweak the appearance and performance of each car, ranging from transmission and engine configuration, to tyre type and bodywork weight. You can even adapt your vehicles to perform in off-road rally competitions.

Gear.Club Unlimited multiplayer

The trailer also shows off Gear.Club Unlimited‘s multiplayer features, which supports up to four players on the same console in split-screen mode. All 32 of the game’s cars will be available in multiplayer, as well as any player-customised models.

Given the game’s mobile heritage, we remain slightly hesitant about Gear.Club Unlimited‘s prospects. That said, it’s filling a genre gap on the Switch, so it’s fair to say we also remain slightly hopeful.

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