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Here’s how to find and unlock the Fortnite Keep it Mello emote (and some suggestions on where to use it).

While there have been some doubts poured on Marshmello’s claim that it was the “first ever” interactive, online concert, it’s hard to argue that the Fortnite concert was quite the spectacle. It’s thought as many as 10m people logged on to dance emote the night away in a PG, weapon-free instance of Fortnite Battle Royale.

To celebrate the concert, Epic has released a commemorative Fortnite emote, called Keep it Mello. That’s short for “Marshmello” but also sounds a bit like “mellow” – what’s the opposite of a portmanteau? A shortmanteau? Anyway.

The Keep it Mello emote isn’t just good for dancing. You’ll also need it to complete some limited-time Showtime challenges, but first, you’ll need to complete another limited-time challenge to unlock it: the Visit the Showtime Venue challenge.

It’s not that hard to find, to be fair, but if you’re struggling, here’s where you find it:

Fortnite Keep it Mello map

That’s on the south side of Fortnite’s Pleasant Park, in case the big orange ‘X’ doesn’t mark the spot well enough.

Once there, all you need to do is head towards the stage. You don’t even need to get up on it, just within a few metres, and you’ll unlock the Keep it Mello emote.

Now that you have the Keep it Mello emote, you can, of course, bust out some moves. But if you want to put those moves to use, you can use your new Keep it Mello emote to complete a bunch of other challenges.

For starters, simply bust out the Mello emote at Frozen Lake, Trucker’s Oasis and Ice Cream Parlour, and you’ll complete another Showtime challenge. Here are those locations on the map, in case you’re not sure where to go:

Fortnite Showtime map

You also don’t need to do them all in one round. If you do get lucky with the storm and a vehicle then you should be able to do it, but don’t worry if you don’t; you can spread these challenges across multiple rounds.

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