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Nintendo Switch Sports includes six games at launch, but there’s another secret game hidden away as an Easter egg. Here’s how to play it.

We all know that Nintendo Switch Sports includes Badminton, Bowling, Chambara, Football, Tennis, and Volleyball. Nintendo has also announced that a new version of a Wii Sports favourite – Golf – will be added to the game later this year as free DLC.

But did you know there’s a secret mini-game hidden away as an Easter egg? It’s a mini version of Tennis and can be accessed via the game’s credits screen. Achieving a high score of 50 points or more will unlock a new player title to use in-game.

Follow these simple steps to play the game and claim your reward:

How to access the secret game in Nintendo Switch Sports

  1. Load Nintendo Switch Sports to the ‘Main Menu’
  2. Select ‘Play Locally’
  3. Select the ‘Options Menu’ on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen
  4. Select ‘Staff Credits’
  5. As the game’s credits roll, serve a ball and aim to reach a high score of 50 points
  6. If you fail to return a ball, you will have to start again.
  7. If you reach 50 points, you will earn the ‘Staffer’ player title
  8. Navigate to the ‘Customization’ menu to apply the title to your Sportsmate
Nintendo Switch Sports Easter Egg

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