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Michel Ancel and Matt Nava to speak at IndieCade Europe

IndieCade Europe has announced that gaming legend Michel Ancel and Matt Nava, art director of Abzû and Journey, will deliver keynotes at this year’s event.



Indiecade Europe 2016

IndieCade Europe has announced that gaming legend Michel Ancel and Matt Nava, art director of Abzû and Journey, will deliver keynotes at this year’s event.

Michel Ancel is the well known creative force behind the Rayman series and the cult classic, Beyond Good and Evil. Matt Nava is a name that might not be as familiar but through his work on Flower, Journey and the recently released Abzû, is no less influential.

The will both deliver talks at IndieCade Europe – taking place from 18-19 November 2016 in Paris – and join a line-up of notable speakers including Rami Ismail from Vlambeer, Julie Heyde from Selfie Tennis and Furi’s Audrey Leprince.


Stephanie Barish, CEO of IndieCade, said:

“We are thrilled to welcome such talented and esteemed industry veterans as keynote speakers for the first IndieCade Europe. Michel Ancel is one of the most renowned game designers in the industry, and his ambitious creative visions have entertained and moved millions of players around the world. Matt Nava worked as Art Director on some of the most critically acclaimed and distinct indie hits of recent times, such as Journey and Flower, as well as the recent Abzû, and will share insights into his outstanding work and the creative process that helped to shape these unique gaming experiences”.

Also announced today were a number of new titles for the show. Riot – Civil Unrest, The Writer, Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan, Narcosis and illumine have all made the cut and were chosen from over 900 submissions.

Tickets  for the festival are now available from the IndieCade Europe website.

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