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Two more classic Sega games head to the Nintendo Switch

Sega is bringing two rare classic Sega Genesis games to the Nintendo Switch later this month.



Sega Ages

Sega is bringing two classic Sega Genesis games to the Nintendo Switch later this month.

The Sega Ages line of Genesis and Mega Drive ports for the Nintendo Switch expands with two rare puzzle games that were previously only released in Japan: Ichidant-R and Columns II.

Ichidant-R is a collection of 20 party-games and a spin-off from the popular 2D platformer, Bonanza Bros. The Nintendo Switch release will be playable online and also includes a ‘Mega Drive Mode’ which adds an RPG-like quest mode and a four-player board-game mode.

Columns II features more of the same match-three gem puzzle gameplay, but evolves slightly upon its predecessor with infinite and tabletop multiplayer modes. If you prefer the first game, the original Genesis version of Columns included as an in-game bonus.

Both titles are ported to Nintendo Switch by M2 and include the usual array of display and audio options, plus some stunning screen border art. Other games in the Sega Ages series to check out include Sonic the Hedgehog, Virtua Racing and Space Harrier.

Ichidant-R and Columns II will be released on the Nintendo Switch eShop on October 17, 2019. They are priced at $7.99 in the US.

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