Rime Release Date Window Confirmed

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The Rime release date window has been confirmed. There’s also a new trailer and the exciting news that its going multi-platform.

Rime was originally slated to be a PS4-exclusive. That’s fine. The economics of platform exclusives are generally well understood, if not entirely popular, and in some circumstances mean the difference between a developer being able to produce games, or having to pack it in and do something else.

It’s always heartening to see a game switch from exclusive to multi-platform, though, because it means a game will get the opportunity to be played by the widest possible audience.

Developer Tequila Works, in conjunction with publishers Grey Box and Six Foot, have today announced that Rime will be going multi-platform. In addition to the PS4 release, there’s been the expected additions of Xbox One and PC – that makes sense, after all – but also confirmation that a Nintendo Switch release is in the works.

“Once we began working with Tequila Works, we became excited at the prospect of releasing RiME to a much wider audience. This is a title we think will resonate with gamers, and we can’t wait to share it with them in a few short months.” – Christian Svensson, COO, Six Foot.

And when will we get our hands on it? The Rime release date window has been confirmed as May 2017.

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