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itch.io, already the digital storefront with the best revenue-share, is forgoing its cut entirely for itch.io Creator Day.

We’ve talked a lot about developer revenue shares over recent years.

When Epic set up its own store and undercut the incumbent’s revenue share, it was seen as a big deal. And it is, to be fair. An 88:12 revenue split in favour of the developer/publisher is a big improvement when Steam has held steady at 70:30 since its inception.

But while all that was going on, indie stalwart storefront itch.io was frantically flapping its arms in the background, trying to draw everyone’s attention to the fact it already offered a 90:10 revenue split. Moreover, developers/publishers can drop that revenue share as low as 0% if they so choose.

Most indie devs still choose to give some portion of their revenue to itch.io, because running a digital storefront isn’t free and itch’s great work should be rewarded, but it’s nice to have the option to claw back a little more if you fall on lean times. (Which is more common than you’d like for indie developers.)

For one day only, itch is taking that decision out of the developer’s hands – but in a good way. For itch.io Creator Day, the storefront will give developers and publishers a 100% revenue share by default.

Normally at this point, we’d recommend some games to go and try – good deals, deep discounts, bundles, that sort of thing – but this isn’t a traditional sale. Instead of you guys saving money, it’s the developers and publishers making savings on their cost of doing business. (That’s not to say games aren’t also on sale. Games are always on sale on itch.io. But this is a little bit different.)

And itch.io is full of so much brilliant stuff, we wouldn’t know where to start, so maybe treat it like Supermarket Sweep? Go wild in the aisles on itch.io Creator Day, safe in the knowledge you’ll be giving indie developers even more money than usual by purchasing through itch and not Steam.

The itch.io Creator Day is already underway and time runs out at midnight tonight, Pacific Time, on February 18, 2022. (That’s 3 am tomorrow morning on the East Coast, and 8 am tomorrow morning if you’re in the UK.)

Check out our dedicated sales page for more discounts. If you save a few quid, you could always say “thanks” by buying the team a coffee.

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