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Get Alan Wake for a heavy discount (before it disappears indefinitely)

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This is an important public service announcement: If you don’t buy Alan Wake now, you might never be able to again. Oh, and it’ll have 90% off.

Sales aren’t an unusual thing, in the world of games publishing. Nor are massive discounts; it’s not unheard of to see things with more than 75% off, or to pick up several games for pennies in a bundle.

But an actual, genuine fire sale, in the age of digital publishing? That’s something a little unusual.

And this weekend, Remedy Entertainment – they of Max Payne and Quantum Break – are having just such a fire sale: Alan Wake is disappearing from digital stores, and Remedy genuinely don’t know when, or indeed if, it will ever be back.

So what exactly is happening? As it turns out, some of the licensing deals for music used within Alan Wake are coming to an end, and Remedy can’t continue to sell the game without those licenses. That means that as of May 15, 2017, Alan Wake will no longer be for sale anywhere via digital distribution. It will no longer be available for purchase via Steam or the Xbox Store, but of course, retail copies floating around second-hand channels will still be available.

So in the intervening period this weekend – on May 13 and 14 – Alan Wake will be for sale on Steam with 90% off. That’s less than three quid! And for a (somewhat flawed but) critically well-received game, that’s a hell of a one-time only deal.

Thankfully there are no DRM issues in play here. If you already have Alan Wake via digital download, then you won’t suddenly find it disappears from your library. So even if you don’t have time to play it this weekend, you should snap it up while you still can.

Oh, and Alan Wake’s American Nightmares is unaffected by the licensing expiry, but nobody’s interested in that.

Source: Remedy Entertainment on Twitter

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