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A game like American Truck Simulator is all about the scope. It’s just you, your rig, and the American open road. Sure, I’d probably rather be doing it in a sports car myself, but there’s something calming and peaceful about hauling cargo around the good old US of A.

Good news, then, for fans of mesh-backed baseball caps, strong coffee, industrial-grade pep pills and eggs-and-bacon diner breakfasts: the American Truck Simulator map is getting bigger.

Well, that’s not strictly true. In reality the American Truck Simulator map is changing scale – from 1:35 to 1:20 scale, if you’re interested – which means that the environments you’re familiar with will seem that teensy bit bigger, and all of the journeys and waypoints will be that little bit further apart.

American Truck Simulator map rescale

This will be applied to all existing areas, giving them a (very small) new lease of life, and will of course be the case for newly-added states and locations. Not only will this make the game feel larger – by increasing the point-to-point drive time and therefore increasing the ass-numbing realism accordingly – but it will also make the time spans in American Truck Simulator closer to that of its elder sibling, Euro Truck Simulator.

We just figured it was the metric system that was making Euro Truck Simulator have more consistent journey times, but there you go; the American Truck Simulator map is getting bigger. In a fashion.

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