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No, it’s not a new Scandinavian crime drama, it’s an indie game development incubator. It is in a cabin in Sweden, though.

A Stugan is a traditional Swedish cabin, traditionally in the countryside. It doesn’t seem like the usual location for a technology-focused business incubator, but it’s a great one.

For starters, there’s the peace and quiet. A secluded spot in the Nordic wilds is the perfect setting for getting creative. Then there’s the dynamic. Putting a group of like-minded indie developers together, for a combination of healthy competition and moral support, is a great way to motivate everyone involved. And there’s the support. Stugan is supported by a number of experienced Swedish developers, offering mentoring and advice to the delegates. Read Kate Gray’s writeup of Stugan 2016 for The Guardian to get a better flavour of what it’s all about.

And who are the Stugan 2017 delegates? Well, that could be you.

Applications are now open for Stugan 2017, but spaces are very limited. Because it’s such a sought-after event – even though it’s only in its third year – there’s only room for 20 developers on the program. It’s a fairly small cabin, after all.

In order to get accepted for Stugan 2017 you’ll need to put together an application to the organisers. Applications need to put together a 90 second video, describing who they are and what their game is, and what they want to get out of the programme. There’s also a written application to support the video. Applicants can be from anywhere in the world and work with any engine or platform, and Stugan doesn’t require any rights to your finished game (like some other business incubators).

You’ll need to get your application for Stugan 2017 into the organisers by March 31, 2017 to be considered for those limited places. Visit the official Stugan site for more details and to apply.

Stugan is also the name of (what is considered to be) the first ever commercially-released, Swedish-developed video game, way back in 1978. It all ties up rather nicely when you look at it like that, doesn’t it?

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