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Pokémon GO is a Pokémon game about catching ’em all – so far, so standard – but the twist is, you’re no longer doing it in Kanto, Johto or Unova. This time, you’re doing it in the real world, in augmented reality; which is either really cool, or some kind of always-connected waking nightmare.

It’s cool. We’re calling it, it’s definitely cool… but Pokémon GO isn’t one-hundred percent positive. Just ask this Australian Police Station who’ve been inundated with players looking for a Sandshrew:

Pokémon GO Police Station statement

Which is, quite frankly, adorable. It’s good to see the Darwin Police Force taking an influx of Pokédex-wielding hunters with good humour, but their guidance about lifting your eyes up from Pokémon GO every now and again is actually a very good idea.

Source: Nothern Territory Police’s Facebook, via Twitter.

Update: The original tweet has been deleted, so this article has been updated with a screenshot to reflect the content.

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