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There’s a familiar voice on the latest Star Wars: Battlefront II trailer.

John Boyega, who plays turncoat Stormtrooper Finn in the latter Star Wars movies, is a big fan of video games. He’s also a charismatic and charming fellow.

When Stars Wars: Battlefront approached launch in 2015, Boyega was disappointed in the lack of single player modes. Specifically, Finn really wanted a solo campaign. He appealed to EA to add one to the game via social media, but no matter how charming the man is, his requests fell on deaf ears.

Well, at least for the first Battlefront game.

Now the launch of Star Wars: Battlefront II is almost upon us, and the latest trailer – narrated by Boyega himself – really wants to point out that the sequel has a lot more content in it:

And yes, that includes a single player campaign. Boyega be praised!

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