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Been waiting for some games on your wishlist to be knocked down in price? The Steam winter sale is open for business, so you might be in luck.

Let’s be honest: we probably don’t need any more games in our Steam libraries.

If they were physical things, we’d be on one of those extreme hoarder TV shows, where we’d lost eighteen cats under a mountain of video games, and some motivational presenter would be trying to encourage us to start small and just throw a few away. We’ll feel better afterwards. Cleansed.

But they’re not physical things and – if you don’t try and install them all, like a loon – they don’t take up any storage space. It’s a near-bottomless library of games to call upon whenever you see fit.

And the big Steam winter sale is the perfect opportunity to add to that hoard.

First up, if you’re one of the few who doesn’t already own PUBG, now’s a great time to add the original and best battle royale game to your collection. It’s currently 33% off (and it’s better than Fortnite, don’t @ us).

There are also big savings on Bethesda games, notably 67% off Wolfenstein The New Order and The Old Blood, and 2017’s superb Prey with 50% off.

If you prefer your immersive sims with more of a classic vintage, old-school Deus Ex games are up to 88% off. And if you’re looking for immersion, The Long Dark – including its redux of the first two episodes – is a cracking 75% off.

Fans of grand strategy will find Stellaris with 75% off, while Cities Skylines also receives a 75% discount, Civilization VI is reduced by 68%, and Two Point Hospital gets a 20% cut.

Like your games a bit silly? Then Human Fall Flat is 50% off, Job Simulator VR gets a 10% saving, and the brilliant Donut County – where you play a kleptomaniac racoon who is inexplicably in charge of an ever-growing sinkhole – is 25% off.

This is just scratching the surface, of course. There are hundreds upon hundreds of games, with varying degrees of discount, in the Steam winter sale, and everyone’s recommendations will be different based on their own proclivities. If you get recommended any games or highlights we’ve not covered, let us know in the comments below.

The Steam winter sale is on now and runs through until January 3, 2019. It’s time to get hoarding.

Don’t forget to visit our sales page – there are lots of amazing winter sales on at the moment.

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