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“Now would you kindly pick up that short-wave radio?”

South African retailer Raru, already infamous for leaking the existence of several Amiibo before their official announcement, looks to be up to their old tricks again.

Today, they’ve outed the apparent existence of a BioShock Collection for PS4 and Xbox one, and – if their information is to be believed – it’s coming very soon.

BioShock Collection screen grab

So according to the retailer in question, the BioShock Collection could be with us as soon as November 27.

The RRP of 799 Rand works out at roughly £40/$60 US which is quite frankly an excellent price for three high-quality AAA titles and, presumably, all of the associated DLC.

Given the shared platform compatibility between the PS4/Xbox One and PC gaming, the BioShock Collection is likely to be fairly straight ports of the PC versions of the original titles – BioShock, BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite – but here’s hoping that in among all the other remasters on the go at the moment (Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Gears Of War Ultimate Edition and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection) the older BioShock titles will be getting a little spit and polish before they make their way onto current-gen consoles as part of the BioShock Collection.

We’re waiting for confirmation on this leak from 2k Games, but as soon as we have further information on the BioShock Collection we’ll let you know.

If the release date is as soon as it appears, they’d have been breaking cover soon on the BioShock Collection anyway, regardless of the leak.

Credit: VG247

Can’t wait for the BioShock Collection to have its release date confirmed? The PS3/Xbox 360/PC versions of the original three BioShock titles are already a bit of a bargain on Amazon.

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