Limited Edition The Last of Us Part II Taylor 314ce
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You can buy Ellie’s Taylor 314ce guitar from The Last of Us Part II

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The gorgeous, limited-edition The Last of Us Part II Taylor 314ce costs $2,299 and is available to pre-order now.

For a game about revenge, the gentler pursuit of playing guitar is surprisingly prominent. From singing songs to your girlfriend with a guitar found in an abandoned music store to chilling out after a stressful day in your theatre base, Ellie will play the guitar any chance she gets.

But it’s the guitar she receives as a gift from Joel in the game’s prologue that is the most meaningful, for obvious reasons.

We first see Joel, finding the guitar while out on a run with his brother, Tommy. He sits, cleaning up the fretboard, while confessing to Tommy the events of the first game and of Salt Lake City. And it’s a lucky find, too: a tobacco burst Taylor 314ce, with a unique moth inlay and faux tortoiseshell pickguard. For the world to end and then, over 20 years later, find a two grand Taylor guitar among the rack and ruin, in good enough condition to restore and play? What are the chances?

Now the chances of you owning one for yourself has improved, as Taylor has worked with Sony and Naughty Dog to produce a limited-edition Taylor 314ce. It’s a one-to-one reproduction of Ellie’s guitar in-game and it’s a Taylor so, you know, it’s going to be an incredible instrument.

You can pre-order The Last of Us Part II Taylor 314ce from Sony right now, with orders open until the end of July and the guitars due to ship from late August. These won’t be available from Taylor or in music stores, however, nor will they be available outside of North America. Sony only plans to ship them to the USA, Canada and Mexico.

The Last of Us Part II Taylor 314ce costs $2,299, which might sound like a lot, but it’s only $300 more than the regular Taylor 314ce. We don’t know how limited edition the guitars will be, for that matter, but if you were already planning on dropping two grand on a beautiful Taylor acoustic guitar? Then you might feel comfortable scraping together the extra to make it a limited edition.

I’d like to pretend I’m not upset that I can’t get one of these in the UK. But I am. I am upset, Sony.

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