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Out of nowhere, Respawn’s battle royale is the hottest game, but can you play Apex Legends on Mac?

Apex Legends, like other popular, wide-appeal shooters Overwatch and Fortnite, has some pretty reasonable system requirements. The minimum graphics card requirements – the Nvidia GT 640 and Radeon HD 7730 – weren’t big hitters when they were new, and now they’re around seven years old.

In fact, the HD 7730 and GT 640 actually place lower than a number of modern integrated graphics solutions, including moderately-powered chipsets like the Intel HD 620 and Ryzen 3 mobile, in Passmark’s “mid-range” benchmark charts.

Which got us thinking: do you know what also features moderate, integrated graphics? Apple Macs.

Which then got us thinking: can you play Apex Legends on Mac?

No. No, you can’t play Apex Legends on Mac.

Sorry to be blunt, but one of the important bits on those system requirements is a “minimum” of Windows 7. That means that both Mac and Linux are out of the question for Apex Legends (unless you use some kind of third-party streaming service as we did with PUBG).

That doesn’t mean you won’t ever be able to play Apex Legends on Mac – support for Mac and Linux gaming is increasing all the time – but for the time being, Apex Legends and Apple just don’t mix.

    1. What kind of Mac are you talking about? Any decent Mac from 2014 up can play this in Bootcamp. Not a MacBook Air but a MacBook Pro or iMac is fine. A 2017 and up iMac will run it great. Integrated graphics is only on the cheap Macs just like PCs. You can’t play this well on integrated graphics period Mac or PC.

      Now as to running it natively it is a shame that the bigger game developers are just ignoring the 2nd largest personal computer market….well only other personal computer market.

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