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Need to get all caught up before Fallout 76? Save up to 50% on previous games in the Fallout series.

You could argue there’s little need to get caught up on the Fallout series before the beta (and launch, soon after) of Fallout 76.

It’s an MMO-ified version of Bethesda’s wasteland, for one thing. There is a story of sorts to follow, but it’s a big departure from the traditional, NPC-filled worlds.

The players also emerge from the vault after the shortest time period after the bombs fell – just 25 short years, which doesn’t seem long enough, frankly – so the lore from all those previous single-player games is kind of useless to you, too.

With all that said, however, the Fallout games are just great. From its isometric, tactical roots through the janky-but-interesting transition to 3D, including a brief dalliance with external writing from Obsidian, to the rather rounded experience of Fallout 4 – on which Fallout 76 is largely based – there’s something for everyone.

In addition to the four main series games – plus New Vegas, Tactics, and Fallout 4 VR – there are also huge swathes of DLC available, in season pass and game of the year forms, and also available individually.

Now thanks to a very generous Bethesda publisher sale over on the Humble Store  you can save up to 50% on pretty much every game or piece of DLC ever released in the Fallout series to this point. You’ll have to be quick, though; the sale is only on for six days.

(The sale is also on Steam, but you don’t raise money for charity by making purchases there, and you still get Steam keys from the Humble store. Just saying.)

Coincidentally, that six-day window takes us up to roughly the time the Fallout 76 beta kicks off on Xbox One. Convenient.

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