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Work is far from done on The Last of Us Part II, but this surely marks the beginning of the end.

We saw a lot of The Last of Us Part II at least year’s E3, from the touching characters to the horrific violence.

What we still don’t know, however, is when The Last of Us Part II will be released.

There’s an outside chance we might see the game before this Christmas, but 2020 is looking more likely. It could even be a cross-generation release – straddling both the PS4 and PS5 console, as is rumoured with Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding – which, as more time passes, becomes more of a possibility.

We do know, thanks to the public churn machine that is Twitter, that the end of The Last of Us II is a little bit closer. First, Neil Druckmann tweeted this ominous photo:


Followed a couple of days later by this photo of Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker, the actors behind Ellie and Joel, on their last day on set:

People got excited.

“That’s a wrap.”

That surely means The Last of Us Part II must be finished soon, right? Which means it’s on the conveyor towards an imminent release? Well, the official studio account for Naughty Dog jumped in quickly, to ensure the fans didn’t get too carried away:

So while the performance capture might be finished, there’s still a lot of work to do on The Last of Us Part II.  But it is another step closer to being complete, whenever that may be.

And if a lot of tears were shed on set, we’re predicting more in our homes when the game is released.

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