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Circuit Superstars, already available on PC and Xbox One, will also be playable on PlayStation 4 in a few weeks.

There’s a specific type of racing game that we really enjoy at Thumbsticks. We’re not sure it has a genre, yet – you might call them retro racers, or top-down racers, or toy racers, though that wouldn’t be entirely accurate – but they all share the same few key criteria:

  • Chunky, simple, Micro Machines-esque vehicles.
  • Deceptively beautiful little diorama environments.
  • Tight controls and pleasantly challenging.

There’s Lonely Mountains: Downhill for fans of pedals and gravel rash. Then on the automotive front, there’s Art of Rally, and the game we’re looking at today, Circuit Superstars.

Developed by Original Fire Games and published by Square Enix Collective (the mega-publisher’s indie arm), Circuit Superstars is firmly in that mould. And it’s popular, too. Already released on PC into early access in March 2021, with a full PC and Xbox One release in October, it’s built a loyal following.

Now PlayStation fans will get their chance to play Circuit Superstars when it releases on PS4 in the new year. Specifically, January 27, 2022.

Nothing about the game’s content will be much of a surprise, given it’s been out for nine months already at this stage. What is a lovely little bonus – and this reflects on Sony rather than the developer that we’re so pleasantly surprised by this – is that cross-play is available from release. It’ll be supported between PS4, PC, and Xbox One players.

For Nintendo Switch fans, Circuit Superstars is slated for release in “the second quarter of 2022”.

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