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Cities: Skylines Match Day update brings, unsurprisingly, matches

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Cities: Skylines, from Swedish publisher Paradox Interactive, is a real success story. Taking on the torch from fallen legend Sim City, sent for an early bath by the fans when EA couldn’t hit a cow’s backside with a banjo and missed an absolute sitter of an open goal, Paradox have given it 110% for the gaffer and, at the end of the day, the better team won. They’re over the moon.

How are these sports jokes working out for you? Not good? OK, sorry.

Today sees the release of the Cities: Skylines Match Day DLC, a free football-themed update pack released – coincidentally – just in time for some professional leather-covered-air-bladder-kickabout competition to kick off in Europe. That’s football as in soccer, by the way, America, just in case you weren’t sure.

The Cities: Skylines Match Day update includes all the things you’d expect for a budding mayor to be able to host their own sporting events, including stadia… and that’s pretty much it. Expect gridlocked traffic, overburdened public transport, civil unrest in the streets, and huge amounts of drunk and disorderly behaviour. But on the plus side, you can bring on your riot police and mounted division as substitutes, and they can get a good run out. Go sports!

In addition to the Match Day update, Cities: Skylines is also having a swathe of pre-order bonus content – carousel, dog park, bouncy castle, basketball court, and botanical garden – made available to all players for free, via Steam, with the latest patches. Just Paradox’s way of patting you on the backside and saying “Good game!” as you trot off for a shower.

Sorry. I tried, but once I got going it was difficult to stop.

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