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The Cities: Skylines Natural Disasters trailer looks great. Not that we’re into catastrophic disasters. We’re not twisted.

We all remember the pattern. You turn off the natural disasters in Sim City 2000 while you’re building your city and can’t afford to screw it up, struggling through the boom and bust years. Then later on when it’s all going too well, things get a bit dull. The challenge is gone, so you turn natural disasters on for a spell to liven things up.

Accidental misfire from a solar power-harnessing orbital satellite recreating that bit from Goldeneye? Yes please.

Not that Cities: Skylines is living in the shadow of the Sim City franchise, looming over it like an inbound meteor, though. If anything, the young pretender is now the king, but it’s hard to argue that the Cities: Skylines Natural Disasters DLC isn’t a welcome hat-tip to the old guard.

The Cities: Skylines Natural Disasters update is coming to PC and Mac this winter, and based on the new trailer above, it’s going to be a riot. Or a meteor. Or a twister. Or a wildfire. Or…

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