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Civilization VI is free on the Epic Games Store

With Civilization VI, Epic continues its run of massive giveaways.



Civilization VI - Epic Games Store

With Civilization VI, the Epic Games Store continues its run of massive giveaways.

A week after Epic handed out Grand Theft Auto V for free, Civilization VI is up for grabs.

How do you top Rockstar’s open-world opus, the most successful entertainment product in history? You don’t. But, for systems-minded PC players, Firaxis’ empire-building sim may come close.


Civ 6 is the most successful game in the long-running series, selling 5.5 million units as of last August. And going free on the EGS will almost certainly give those numbers a hefty boost.

I’ve never played Civ 6. I haven’t actually played any Civ games (unless you count booting up the original Civ at 10-years-old, and shutting it down immediately in utter confusion as “playing Civ”). My state is still (thankfully) on lockdown, though, so I may just give it the old quarantine try.

It’s no coincidence Firaxis opted to make its three-year-old game free now. The first of the game’s New Frontier Pass content goes live today. You can grab the game, and any add-ons, here.

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