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Control patch takes aim at console framerate woes

In its latest patch, Control takes aim at the performance woes that have hampered the critically acclaimed game on base consoles. Is it enough?



Remedy Control framerate patch

But, are those notorious performance issues under Control? Jury’s still out.

Control, Remedy Entertainment’s latest third-person action game, released to nearly universal praise when it launched last month. However, anyone playing the game on base model consoles – as opposed to PC or the beefier PS4 Pro and Xbox One X – have complained of bottom-of-the-Marianas-Trench low framerates when the action gets frantic.

Today, Remedy released a patch for PS4 that’s taking aim at fixing those performance issues. The patch will come to Xbox One and PC at an unspecified later date.


The Details

The patch notes include the following:

  • Improved title stability on all platforms
  • Improved general frame-rate performance through optimisations made to multiple systems and content”

This patch also fixes crash-causing bugs and, when it heads to PC, will fix issues with the game’s launcher. Follow this link for the full list of fixes.

But, the big question for console players remains, though: Is the game playable on base consoles?

If Reddit comments are to be believed… maybe?

“Im playing on base ps4 and it seems a lot better, only played about 30 minutes but the gun fights feel a lot better [sic],” said Reddit user, Dreaming_Dreams, underneath a post linking to the patch notes on r/Games.

“When a lot of things are being thrown on screen the frames go down a little bit id say but nowhere near as bad as it was [sic].”

However, user WormHoleOnEarth disagreed.

“The stability has improved a lot. I’m still getting slow downs but not like 10 fps anymore,” they said hopefully, before adding, “Edit: nvm framerate is still pretty bad and definitely unacceptable.”


So, early impressions are mixed. If you don’t want to wait any longer, now seems like the best time yet to jump in. That said, the game will almost certainly run better in a month or two.

And, if you needed one, this is a great excuse to start a second playthrough of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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