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“The Number One Cricket management game returns for 2016.”

That’s the proud claim at the top of the latest Cricket Captain 2016 press release, but, erm, is there even another one to choose from? It’s fairly easy to be the number one, in a race in which you’re the only entrant.

Anyway, back to the news.

Cricket Captain 2016 features all the things you’d expect from a cricket management simulator like picking teams, tossing coins, making tea, checking the weather, setting field positions, deciding whether to enforce the follow on, abusive sledging, picking the seam, scuffing the rough side of the ball on the ground – alright, maybe not those last three – but it’s also going to add the following features:

  • 79 playable domestic teams across 5 domestic leagues, including 12 new teams from the New Zealand and South African domestic cricket leagues
  • Updated One Day International (ODI) and 20 over (T20) World Cup Tournament modes; play as any international team that played in the last two World Cups including Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Ireland, Netherlands, Oman, Scotland or the UAE
  • Day/Night matches
  • New 3D lighting system
  • New user controlled cameras in 3D highlights
  • Improved One Day and T20 match engine combined with improved player form calculation for One Day and T20
  • Updated kits for International teams
  • Sri Lanka and Pakistan historical scenarios
  • New database with improved player ability ratings
  • New and improved interface
  • In-Game Help System
  • New Achievements

The folks behind Cricket Captain 2016 have also teamed up with Somerset County Cricket Club’s actual cricket captain Chris Rogers – presumably with the stats and the mechanics of the game, rather than the actual coding – to ensure this is as realistic a simulation as they can make it.

Cricket Captain 2016 will be launching on July 5, 2016 and will be coming to PC and mobile platforms, as is the way with most simulators nowadays.

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