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The Dancer launches today, and is available for free if you own the perpetual edition of Cultist Simulator.

Cultist Simulator is a disturbing insight into the life and mind of Alexis Kennedy, premiere video game wordsmith, founder of Failbetter Games, Ronin, raconteur, and thoroughly nice bloke.

The game, however, is not so nice.

That’s not to say Cultist Simulator isn’t good, but it is fiendish. Wicked. Malevolent, even. The pseudo-tabletop card game, funded in just a day on Kickstarter and released in May 2018, has proven rather popular (among masochists, mentalists, and anyone who derives merriment from malfeasance).

Almost half a year later, and following regular bouts of updates and bug fixes – including what may be the world’s funniest patch notes – Cultist Simulator’s first DLC proper, The Dancer, is upon us. Gaze upon it and despair! Or, you know, download it for free if you own the perpetual edition of the game. If you don’t, it will set you back the princely sum of $2.99 / £2.50 / €2.39.

In addition to the new content and ascension featured in The Dancer DLC, an additional update – free for all players – has also gone live today, including the following updates and changes:

  • Wounds and scars: Followers now learn from their mistakes. It’s much safer to send them on Expeditions, though they’ll still die if they’re injured enough.
  • Follower romance: what could go wrong with workplace relationships when your office is an occult society dedicated to bringing the apocalypse? Court your cultists and date your disciples. It probably won’t end disastrously.
  • Rebellion and rivals: mistreating acolytes now risks turning them against you and attempting to win the game faster than you can.
  • Quality of life updates: a smorgasbord of UI/UX improvements based on feedback since launch. Snap-to-grid cards, double-click card placement, intelligent card stacking… now nobody should get RSI. Yay!

The release of The Dancer’s companion update is also notable as the first bit of Cultist Simulator that hasn’t been entirely written by Kennedy himself.

While the game itself has been assembled with a small team of freelance contributors assisting on various duties from art to code – all under the watchful eye of producer Lottie Bevan – Alexis had, to this point, written every unusual word. Now Lottie herself has also contributed words to the game, so you know, there are two people to blame for your nightmares.

To celebrate the release of The Dancer, the base Cultist Simulator game is also on sale, with 25% off for a limited time.

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