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Prepare to lose your mind on the move, as Cultist Simulator is coming to mobile devices.

Cultist Simulator, the first game from Weather Factory – the micro-studio comprising Failbetter founder Alexis Kennedy and alum Lottie Bevan – has been an impressive tale of success. After hitting its Kickstarter goal in under a day and scoring a publishing deal with Humble, the game has grown into a many-headed monster with free content, DLC, and new game modes.

It also made it onto our list of the most important games of 2018. In a year that featured Dad of Boy, Spider-Bloke and the Crunch Cowboys, that’s kind of a big deal.

Before the Weather Factory crew embark on their next adventures – including an ill-advised librarian simulator after Kennedy played chicken with a retweet target on Twitter – they’re not done with Cultist Simulator just yet.

Sorry, that’s the wrong Tweet. This is the one we meant to show you:

Cultist Simulator is coming to Android and iOS devices, which means you can descend into madness in more locations than ever. Get ready for Eldritch horrors on the bus! Explore the depths of darkness on the Tube! Consume your followers sitting on the toilet!

The Cultist Simulator mobile port is being put together by mobile specialist Playdigious, and is expected to release in spring 2019.

A release date for THAT DAMN LIBRARY GAME is still forthcoming.

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