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Bloober Team is teasing a sequel to Observer, its cyberpunk horror walking sim.

Games as dripping with atmosphere as Observer don’t come around very often. Confined within a crumbling tenement building in an oppressive future, the game managed to capture the big mood of cyberpunk without losing its soul among all the neon lights and body mods.

Now, Bloober Team is almost certainly hoping to catch V I B E lightning in a bottle again. While they haven’t officially announced a sequel, the Polish studio tweeted a short, glitchy video today. It showed a rundown city and was captioned with the tags “#cyberpunk #blooberteam #horrrorgame.”

More definitive, though, is the logo at the video’s center. The cube, composed of Cs, will likely look familiar for fans of the original game: it’s the icon used by Chiron Incorporated, Observer’s all-powerful corporation.

Further, Bloody Disgusting reported that fans had translated the binary in the video, with the results reading: “Daniel, are you there?” That’s almost certainly a reference to Detective Daniel Lazarski, the lead character of the original game.

Cyberpunk icon Rutger Hauer played Lazarski in the original game. But, the Blade Runner actor sadly passed last year. That fact leaves some questions open about how exactly the next game will tie-in to the original.

Questions aside, after last year’s lackluster Blair Witch, it’s exciting to see Bloober return to its most interesting IP.

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