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After the Xbox One timed exclusivity, a Dead Rising 4 PC version seemed inevitable – it’s also coming to Steam though, not just the Windows platform.

The original Dead Rising made our list of the best zombie games ever, purely because you could play it how most of us would tackle a zombie apocalypse in real life. Yes, preppers can make all the noises they like about canned goods and crossbows, but when push comes to shove we’d all pee our pants and hide in a closet hoping for it all to blow over. Which, unusually for an action game, was a viable strategy in Dead Rising (except the pants peeing; Frank is too cool for that).

One of the things people really love about the series though, is the insane amount of zombies you get on-screen at once. It’s way more than pretty much any other zombie game, aside from the upcoming Days Gone, which looks like a zombie version of Benny Hill. And when you’ve got a lot of zombies, you need ways to kill a lot of zombies. That’s when Dead Rising comes into its own.

You want to combine a bow with a load of fireworks, for a rapid fire incendiary device? You can do that. Splice together a harpoon gun and a load of fire axes, for a really scary magic show wheel of death? There’s a blueprint for that. A magic, lightning-wielding staff can be put together from a traffic light and a big battery, and if you add a propane tank, it’ll spit fire to.

TL;DR: You can do most anything you can think of – regardless of how silly – to deal with the zombie threat.

Dead Rising 4 doubles quadruples-down on this mayhem, and it was released onto Xbox One just before Christmas 2016. Like the original Dead Rising and Dead Rising 3 – Dead Rising 2 was something of a multi-platform anomaly – the fourth instalment in the series was initially an Xbox exclusive. Like its forebears, though, it wasn’t destined to stay on the Xbox One forever.

Now, surprising precisely nobody, the Dead Rising 4 PC version has been confirmed by Capcom. It’s not just going to be ring-fenced on the Windows Store by Microsoft as an extension of their exclusivity, however – the Dead Rising 4 PC release is going to shamble onto the ubiquitous Steam platform, too, in addition to a physical retail release.

You can get your hands on the Dead Rising 4 PC version on March 14, 2017.

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