Destiny 2 reveal trailer Nathan Fillion
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Check out the Destiny 2 reveal trailer (it’s got a lot of Nathan Fillion in it)

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Also features: Guardians without helmets; lots of guns; the reason why you can’t carry your stuff over; even more Nathan Fillion.

A strange thing has happened with the Destiny 2 reveal trailer. It seems to have gotten a little – how best to express this – schizophrenic?

Aside from the emotes, Destiny was always a little bit dull and characterless. From Peter Dinklage’s staid delivery of the crepe paper-thin plot as Ghost, or grinding the same raids over and over, or chasing around after Xur to get a slightly different version of a gun you already had, and then completing more raids to hope the random number generation gives you a slightly different variation of that same gun … the only thing that wasn’t interminably po-faced was Oryx’s basketball court, and that was still stupid.

Now much like Ubisoft did with Watch Dogs 2 and its meme-tastic presentation, Bungie have tried to inject some life into Destiny 2 with Nathan Fillion being, well, Nathan Fillion. Do you think being typecast as lovable space rogue is starting to piss him off yet? We imagine the money helps.

So in the Destiny 2 reveal trailer, you’ve got the discordant melange of an ever-so-serious Guardian trying to gee you up for the ever-so-serious business of saving the galaxy grinding and raids, while Malcolm Reynolds Nathan Fillion is trying to convince you that this is actually a new Borderlands game. Which is stupid.

Pick a tone and stick with it please, Bungie, because while we know Destiny 2 is going to be an enormous success, frankly we’d rather just wait for Borderlands 3.

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