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It’s been fifteen years since the original Deus Ex was released, and Square Enix (alongside Eidos-Montréal) have been doing some rather lovely things to celebrate. Last week we got our first look at the beautifully crafted animated trailer, celebrating the history of the original Deus Ex ‘heroes’ – the Dentons – and the progression into Jensen’s story before the release of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and it got us feeling all nostalgic for the original.

Imagine our excitement then, when we just received a press release announcing that Square Enix and Eidos have given their blessing to a fan-created mod of the original, named Deus Ex Revision.

In the spirit of all the great remake mods (like Half-Life reincarnate Black Mesa and the Morrowind-on-the-Skyrim-engine mash up Skywind) the fans in question – a group called Caustic Creative – have produced Deus Ex Revision as a lovingly crafted visual overhaul of the original game, and it frankly looks wonderful.

[youtube url=”https://youtu.be/raR8g42kmFg” autoplay=”no”]

Deus Ex Revision will be unlocking on steam in… a little under three and a half hours at the typical 10am Pacific slot. And we’ll be there, with augmented bells on, waiting to get out hands on it.

Has Deus Ex Revision got you all fired up? Pre-order Deus Ex: Mankind Divided from Amazon now.

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