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First major Doom Update brings centred weapons, photo mode

If you’re an old-school Doom aficionado, the gun was just in the wrong place. Thankfully the first major Doom Update fixes all that.



First major Doom update

The Doom reboot has been a terrifically welcome (super shotgun) blast from the past. It’s fast, it’s violent, it’s satisfying, and it’s fast – did we mention it’s fast? – but there’s one thing that’s always felt a little out of place, quite literally: if you’re an old-school Doom aficionado, the gun was just in the wrong place.

Sure, it was in a more realistic place than the central positioning of the Doom games of old, but who’s looking for realism when you’re busy ripping off a demon’s horn, then inserting it into him with verve and vigour that he dies and health power-ups spring forth?

If you want your Doom to feel properly retro, then you’re going to want to download the first major Doom Update.


That’s not all, though. There’s a huge raft of various fixes and tweaks (that you can read about in full over on the Bethesda blog) but more importantly than that, there’s a Photo Mode.

Yes, that’s right, the new Doom Update brings with it the sort of photo mode that’s been allowing people to take beautiful photos like this – with no annoying, interfering user interface gubbins getting in the way of the scenery – in pretty, travelogue games like Uncharted 4.

Quite why you’d want to take beautiful, high-resolution, UI-free photos of a trip into hell is beyond us, but the option’s there if you want it.


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