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Terrible news! Doomfist is here (and he’s not voiced by Terry Crews)

Doomfist has been looming large over Overwatch for some time, and now he’s finally here (in the Public Test Realm, at least).



Doomfist is in the Overwatch PTR (and he's not voiced by Terry Crews)

Doomfist has been looming large over Overwatch for some time, and now he’s finally here (in the Public Test Realm, at least).

Even Blizzard would be hard-pressed to deny they royally stuffed up the Sombra reveal. After the world’s longest and most unsatisfying ARG, the purple-haired hacker arrived on the scene with a contrived whimper, ‘hacking’ into the Overwatch presentation at Blizzcon 2016..

They did much better with Orisa. After a couple of weeks of teasing, she just appeared in the PTR. And the Doomfist reveal has been handled with a similar no-nonsense approach, albeit with a far greater weight of lore and fan expectation on the event itself.


And everybody is really freaking disappointed. Why? Because Doomfist, Overwatch’s bad guy supreme, isn’t voiced by Terry Crews.

In case you missed it, former American Football star turned actor Terry Crews – best known for playing the Sarge in Brooklyn 99 and doing bonkers things with his shirt off in the American Old Spice commercials – is a massive Overwatch fan.

He plays Overwatch a lot. He did a YouTube series building a new PC just so he could enjoy it (and other games) better with his son. And, because he loves it so much – and because he has a brilliant, over-the-top vocal range, like Patrick ‘Joe Swanson’ Warburton – he desperately wanted to provide the voice for Doomfist.

He even recorded a DIY audition for the role:

And sadly, the calls of the fans weren’t heard, because Doomfist is in the Overwatch PTR, and he’s not voiced by Crews.


That doesn’t mean people won’t be excited that Doomfist – a cybernertically-enhanced offensive hero, with fantastic movement and literally a massive gauntlet of doom – is here. And we’re sure the voice actor playing him (Sahr Ngaujah) is very good at what he does, but the fans will no doubt be disappointed that he’s just not Terry Crews.

The man himself took the news that he didn’t get the nod with class, though:

So please follow Terry’s example: try not to get all bent out of shape about it with white hot, raging internet insanity, OK?

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