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It seems too good to be true, but PC players can download Destiny 2 free on PC for a limited time.

An online, service game lives and dies with an active user base. Once the initial excitement dies down, you’re left with DLC, sales and promotions to get fresh blood on board, as early players drift off towards other things.

The alternative is to go free-to-play, as this is guaranteed to bring in a raft of new players. The risk, however, is that everyone who paid full price for the game is going to be very upset with you. Often these full price, early adopters are compensated with some in-game nonsense. It’s a tactic we’ve seen used time and time again, often when a game is two or three years old and the development team has moved from supporting it to developing new projects.

It was not, however, a tactic we were expecting to see Blizzard adopt with Destiny 2, just over a year after its initial release.

To be clear, Destiny 2 isn’t going entirely free-to-play. But Blizzard is having a limited-time event – running from now until November 18, 2018 – where PC gamers can download Destiny 2 for free from Battle.net.

You’ll need to have Blizzard SMS protect enabled on your Battle.net account, too. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a publisher rewarding players for enabling additional security on their account; earlier in the year, Epic Games gave players a free emote in Fortnite Battle Royale for activating multi-factor authentication.

This is an offer for PC players only. There’s no free access to Destiny 2 for console players, sadly. And the free version of Destiny 2 does appear to be the base game; if you want any of the expansions or DLC, you’ll need to pay for those separately.

PC players who already own Destiny 2 will receive a reward: “a special in-game emblem marking the game’s anniversary that will be available in December”. That totally seems worth it and isn’t insulting at all. Thanks, Blizzard!

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