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Is LEGO Dimensions Portal the closest we’re ever going to get to Portal 3? Maybe, but who cares when it looks this much fun?

LEGO have a habit of doing very well where others might flounder. LEGO have longevity and mass appeal that any other brand in the world would be jealous of; any that say otherwise are filthy liars.

Partly this is because their core product is the best thing ever! Just give me a big box of assorted LEGO and I’m happy for hours! a versatile essential from any childhood, but moreover because it the symbiotic ability to metamorphose and attach itself to other popular brands and concepts to further its own endeavours, even into avenues it probably has no right progressing. Sort of like Kayne West, but you don’t want to punch LEGO in the face every time you see it.

Whether LEGO Dimensions is going to be a big hitter still remains to be seen. It’s sure to be popular, but with Nintendo’s Amiibo and Skylanders Swap Force, it’s a crowded old market. The LEGO Dimensions portal (small ‘p’ – the actual, physical LEGO Toy Pad) does look a bit like a Stargate though, so there’s an extra cross-over in there somewhere.

LEGO can always rely on knocking on the door of their other franchises and asking for a leg-up, though. You’ve got Marvel, DC Comics, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Star Wars – the list is already pretty epic – but now they’ve got a new name on the roster – Valve – and we’re screeching with excitement.

When LEGO start mashing those franchises together, you know things just got serious. In the trailer for LEGO Dimencions Portal we’ve got Batman, Gandalf the Grey and The LEGO Movie’s own Wyldstyle taking on GLaDOS and the Aperture Research Facility, making use of the LEGO Dimensions portal (small ‘p’ again) to re-write the rules of Portal. We even catch a glimpse of adorable LEGO Wheatley and Chell. More excitement! More screeching!

No surprise, then – The LEGO Movie veterans aren’t just going to re-write the rules – they’re going to break the rules.

LEGO Dimensions Portal is out on September 27 2015, and there’ll cake* for everybody!


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