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Two Point Hospital’s Off the Grid DLC will release next week.

Two Point Hospital is a popular little game. It scratches the itch of Theme Hospital, but with some modern improvements, for an excellent hospital tycoon experience.

Next week, on March 18, 2PH will receive some new paid DLC called Off the Grid. As the name suggests, Two Point Hospital: Off the Grid brings eco-themed elements to the experience.

But what are these off-the-grid elements, exactly?

Two Point Hospital: Off the Grid DLC

New hospitals

  • Wanderoff County Park – a nature commune with low funds; you’ll need to score well on other factors
  • Old Newpoint – an old-timey community; favours organic farming and herbal medicine
  • Windsock City – an expansive eco-city; Windsock is defined by its eco-friendly credentials

New illnesses

  • Visual illnesses:
    • Harebrained
    • Root Snoot
    • Green Fingers
    • Ramshackled
    • Perforated Thoughts
  • Non-visual illnesses:
    • Bodily Druids
    • Flappy Hamper
    • Tenderbox

All that sounds great, but we’d like to raise a small issue with the way the Two Point Hospital: Off the Grid DLC was announced on Twitter:

Haven’t people learned that faux-MAGA marketing is just such a bad idea? There are no exceptions. There are no unique takes. No, your stupid idea won’t be different or better. The best-case scenario is that you just look really insensitive to the sorts of issues the orange sex-pest-in-chief advocates. And the worst-case scenario? You look like you actually agree and support his vile ideology.

We’re not sure whether it’s publisher Sega, developer Two Point Studios, or a third-party PR agent that’s running the official Two Point Hospital Twitter account. But whoever it is, you need to do better.

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