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Epic Games Store offers a pair of free bullet hells this week

This week, Epic Games Store offers a free heapin’ helping of bullet hell.



Nuclear Throne - Epic Games Store

This week, Epic Games Store offers a free heapin’ helping of bullet hell.

Until November 14, Epic is offering a pair of trips to a hell where the streets are paved with spent shotgun shells. Nuclear Throne and Ruiner, both offer frantic shoot-em-up action, and both are free right now on Epic’s launcher.

Nuclear Throne is a top-down roguelike – think The Binding of Isaac or Enter the Gungeon – from Vlambeer, the indie developer behind Ridiculous Fishing and Super Crate Box. It was praised for its frantic action and satisfying tactical gameplay when it released back in 2015, but dinged for its forgettable (at best) aesthetic.

Ruiner boasts similar action, without the roguelike structure, and with a neon cyberpunk setting. It got decent reviews when it debuted in 2017. I haven’t played it, and it doesn’t look like my thing, but free is an excellent price.

With the release of this week’s free batch, Epic has unveiled next week’s freebie. The Messenger, from developer Sabotage, is a pretty good Ninja Gaiden-meets-Metroid mash-up.

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